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Lawn Reborn FAQ

What is Lawn Reborn™?

Lawn Reborn™ is a liquid enzyme product which destroys the bacteria that cause unpleasant odours in synthetic lawn.
It’s a high performance, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable multiple enzyme solution, manufactured from a unique blend of naturally occurring multi-enzymes, fermented natural products, essential nutrients and surfactants.

How does it work?

Lawn Reborn™ works as a powerful artificial turf cleaner and deodoriser.
It doesn’t just mask the smell, it attacks & eliminates the bacteria which create the smell.

How much do I need?

  • For the first treatment of a very smelly synthetic lawn, mix 1-part Lawn Reborn™ to 20-parts clean water.
  • For follow-up maintenance treatments, dilute 1-part Lawn Reborn™ to 40-parts clean water.
    A watering can is the ideal way to apply Lawn Reborn™. Applied 1/40 you should be able to treat an area of approx. 40sqm.

For more information on Lawn Reborn™ application, visit our page here:Lawn Reborn™ application

How do I apply this product?

Dilute the Lawn Reborn™ as per the instructions on the bottle and apply with a watering can.
We recommend applying Lawn Reborn™ in the cool of the evening to delay evaporation and optimize effect.

How often do I need to apply this product?

Lawn Reborn™ needs to be applied as and when the smell returns.  This can vary greatly depending on the size of the area and the number, breed & size of dogs using the lawn.  In our experience, different breeds and different diets can have an impact upon the strength of the ammonia in the urine.

Regular maintenance treatments are probably the most economical and efficient way to use Lawn Reborn™ rather than letting the smell become overpowering and requiring a stronger, less diluted Lawn Reborn™ solution.

Will Lawn Reborn™ harm my synthetic lawn?

Lawn Reborn™ is completely harmless and will have no negative effect on your synthetic lawn

Is this product safe for pets & children?

Lawn Reborn™ is non-toxic and safe for use around pets & children.
It’s advisable, however, that pets & children are kept clear of the area while applying Lawn Reborn™ and keep off the grass until it’s dry.

Can I use Lawn Reborn® with PetFill®?

Lawn Reborn™ is specially formulated to be used with PetFill®.
However, it also works as a powerful cleaner and deodoriser on synthetic lawns which have been installed without PetFill®.

Will this product work in a small area?

Yes, it will, though it will probably need to be used more often than in a larger area as the dog urine is more concentrated in a small area.

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