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If you have a dog and your synthetic lawn is installed without PetFill®, you are virtually guaranteed to have a smelly backyard.

This is caused by dog urine soaking into the silica sand infill which is spread on top of the synthetic grass.  The urine then works its way through the grass backing and into the cracker dust/crushed blue metal base then eventually into the earth below.

This means the problem isn’t actually caused by urine being absorbed into the synthetic grass blades & backing.  It’s caused by a build-up of urine in the silica sand infill and the base.  This results in the formation of ammonia gases which cause an unpleasant smell.

PetFill® solves this problem by absorbing the urine before it reaches the backing & the base.  PetFill® is scientifically proven to have a high ammonia binding capacity.  It absorbs the urine into its molecular structure and prevents the ammonia from forming an unpleasant smelling gas.

Product Features:

PetFill™ controls unpleasant odours caused by the ammonia in dog urine.
PetFill™ is an organic mineral blend that naturally reduces pet odours, making it ideal for use as an infill product for artificial grass. It’s safe for pets & humans and replaces silica sand infill.
PetFill™ is applied at the time of installation of your synthetic grass and doesn’t need renewing. It’s applied at a rate of 10kg per sqm in a standard 35mm pile height landscaping synthetic lawn.
PetFill™ is also fantastic as an additive to kitty litter and will significantly reduce the very unpleasant ammonia smell from your cat’s litter tray.
PetFill™ helps create a healthy environment, not just for your pets, but for your whole family.
PetFill™ is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic 100% Australian Made product.
Not only does PetFill™ control unpleasant odours from dog urine on synthetic lawn, it also helps lower the temperature of your lawn on hot, sunny days.  This is due to PetFill’s™ capacity to absorb and slowly release moisture.
PetFill can be used effectively underneath artificial lawn in a puppy toilet training tray.

In most cases, the application of PetFill® to your artificial grass will eradicate any smell but, in some instances, you may need Hinto’s back-up product, Lawn Reborn™ which destroys the bacteria which can cause a secondary smell

PetFill® is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic Australian Made product.
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Unfortunately, if you have a dog and your synthetic grass hasn’t been installed using PetFill®, it will probably develop an extremely unpleasant odour.
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