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PetFill Application

PetFill® has been designed to replace the traditional sand infill that goes on top of synthetic grass.

For the best results and for ease of application, PetFill® should be applied dry, onto a dry synthetic grass surface.  For these reasons PetFill® should always be stored in a dry place.

Once the artificial turf has been installed and is secure (joins taped and edges pinned), apply PetFill® as follows:

Step 1

Pile Height




40mm plus

PetFill Bag

Recommended kg/sqm*





*The more PetFill® applied, the more efficient it will be.

Step 2

Once the PetFill® has been spread evenly over the artificial turf, use a stiff, plastic bristled hand broom and gently work the PetFill® into the grass against the turf fibres. The PetFill® will eventually disappear into the bottom of the thatch fibres (sometimes it may take a couple of weeks to settle and you may find that you need to give it a top up once this has happened). A power broom can be used but care needs to be taken not to flick the PetFill® out of the lawn area

We recommend wearing a dust mask whilst handling and applying PetFill®.
Storage:  Store covered in a dry place.

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