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PetFill Benefits

Product of Australia
100% organic product
Contains no harmful chemicals and/or additives
Approved for use in synthetic lawn
Certified by the Biological Farmers Association of Australia and is safe for pets & humans
Significantly helps control unpleasant pet odours associated with dog urine & artificial grass
Its natural earth colour makes it look much more realistic on an artificial lawn than the standard white silica sand or black rubber infill
Independently tested in Australia – it works
No need to continually wash and rinse your lawn to try and control pet odours
Controls the urine smell by absorption in its molecular structure, not by masking the smell
Doesn’t need to be reapplied
Helps create a healthy environment for family & pets
Helps cool artificial grass - the slow evaporation of water absorbed by PetFill provides a cooling effect on the synthetic lawn (evaporative cooling)
Reduces free water that harbours bacteria so helps prevent moss & mould that grows in wet, shady areas
Excellent as an additive for use in cat litter trays to help reduce unpleasant smells
Can be used effectively underneath artificial lawn in a puppy toilet training tray
Is compatible with LawnReborn™

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