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PetFill FAQ

What is PetFill®?

PetFill® is a 100% Australian, organic mineral blend that naturally reduces pet odours.

How does it work?

PetFill® absorbs and breaks down the ammonia from dog urine.

How much do I need?

We recommend the following rates of application:




*The more PetFill® applied, the more efficient it will be.

For more info on PetFill® application, visit our page here : PetFill® application

How do I apply this product?

PetFill® is applied to synthetic lawn after installation, replacing the normal infill of silica sand.  Spread the PetFill® over the newly installed artificial turf and then use a stiff, plastic bristled hand broom to gently work the PetFill® into the lawn.

Can I use this on synthetic grass that has already been installed?

Yes, you can!
Unfortunately, if you’ve had your synthetic lawn installed without PetFill®, urine from your dog will have already gone into your existing silica sand infill and seeped through into the base under your lawn.  We would recommend you try to remove as much silica sand infill as possible and then flood the area with a strong treatment of Lawn Reborn™.  Lawn Reborn™ is an enzyme product which has been formulated for use with synthetic grass and PetFill®.  It destroys the bacteria that is one of the main causes of bad odours in your synthetic lawn.

When the lawn has dried, apply the PetFill® as directed on the bag.  The amount of PetFill® you can get into the grass will be dependent on the amount of sand infill you’ve removed.

How long does this product last?

PetFill® has an infinite lifespan and doesn’t require re-application.
However, over time it may need refreshing, particularly if the lawn area is small and is frequently used by dogs.  This can be done by applying Lawn Reborn®.

Is this product Safe for Pets & Children?

Yes, it is!
PetFill® is a natural mineral product which contains no harmful chemicals or additives.

Does this product reduce the temperature of my synthetic lawn?

Yes, one of the added benefits of PetFill® is that it reduces the temperature of your synthetic lawn.
This is due to PetFill’s® capacity to absorb and slowly release moisture, causing an evaporative air-conditioning effect.

Can I use Lawn Reborn™ with PetFill™?

Yes, Lawn Reborn™ has been specially formulated to be used as a complimentary product with PetFill®.

Will this product work on a small area?

Yes, it will assist but will struggle to work as well as in a larger area.
We would recommend the use of Lawn Reborn™ in addition to the PetFill®.

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